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Supercharge your growth story.

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To affinity and beyond.

Are you looking to scale and grow your business? From tech startups to small business and everything in between, if you're feeling unfocused or not getting enough traction from your marketing efforts, you might be missing a cohesive messaging strategy. And it’s never too late to get your story straight.
about us

We're a startup marketing consultancy.

We believe the stories you tell in business shape your future. They open doors, pique curiosity and find space in the minds of your potential audience. And when great stories come together with a solid, differentiated brand and growth marketing tactics, you've built an authentic blueprint for success.

We created grow & tell with a clear mission: to help businesses of all sizes grow with stories worth telling. And no matter how complex your brand may be, we connect the dots to define what's uniquely yours—so every marketing dollar you invest works harder for you.

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Emily Butler
Meet Emily

Founder & director

Emily Butler created grow & tell after 20+ years leading brand and digital marketing for global companies Marie Claire, Sony Music and HarperCollins Publishers, and tech startups including Flare and Food52. She combines her deep expertise in digital with her proven history developing creative marketing campaigns for some of the world's biggest brands. This broad skill set across B2B, B2B2C and B2C provides invaluable expertise for our clients, at every stage of the funnel.
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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.”

Seth Godin
BRAND discovery

Unlock your story.

Your brand exists in the hearts and minds of your customers, not in a headline on a page, and you can deepen relationships with your customers by unlocking what makes you different. Do you have a powerful origin story, a passion for disrupting a traditional industry, or you're simply solving real problems for your target audience? We'll unearth your story to set the foundation for building a brand that resonates.

Emily has done an incredible job distilling our brand. She immersed herself in our business, delivering a core strategy and statements that have both utility and purpose. Her fantastic work marks a real coming of age and a significant milestone for our company.

Kath Hamilton

CEO, loop+

Emily's strategic skills and experience, married with her agile, pragmatic solutions are an excellent match for any growth-stage company or large brand looking for innovation.

Bridget Williams

SVP, Digital Publishing, Hearst Digital

Emily stands out from other leaders with her talent for translating business vision into actionable, data-driven strategies, and encouraging us to have a little fun along the way.

Amber Heffernan

Global Strategic Initiatives, Facebook

Emily is one of those rare marketing talents you must hire if you're building the "A" team. She embodies grace, intelligence and urgency, making her an extremely versatile leader.

Mei Lee

SVP Marketing, Lazada (Alibaba Group)
A group of startup employees working in the office.

A framework that works.

Our strategy framework leverages 20 years of startup brand building experience. A strategic hierarchy of statements and beliefs, we align your origin story with your product offering and vision for the future, solidifying your positioning and unique value proposition as you grow your business. These building blocks bring everyone together with the tools they need to think big, providing a solid foundation to aid you on your growth journey.

Big ideas for every business.

Tech startups
We work with founders and teams from early-stage through to scale-up and beyond to define brand strategy and product positioning, differentiate your offering, and develop a strategic narrative that connects and drives growth
Mid-size and corporate
Tapping into our experience marketing global brands and launching startups on behalf of corporations, we partner with organisations to refresh legacy brands, or craft new strategies from the ground up
Small and solo business
Leverage 20+ years of global experience to supercharge your business. Learn to think like a tech company and position your product in the market and tell stories that drive customers to take action
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Elevate your digital presence.

Do you have goals for your website? Have you clearly defined your product offering? What actions do you want your potential customers to take on social media? Utilising startup growth tactics, we help enhance the customer journey across every touchpoint. Build a clear messaging hierarchy that captures the attention of your audience, sets your brand apart from the competition, and most importantly, drives customers to engage and take action.

Our brand values

Authenticity first

When we embrace our authentic selves, we bring out the best in others. Be open and vulnerable to build trust and create a safe environment. Be direct when you need to be, but always with empathy and respect.

Unleash creativity

We believe everyone can be creative, and every great idea has the potential to make an impact. Harness the power of creativity to fuel your story, create connections, set your brand apart and build a sustainable business.

Be curious

When we seek to understand, we learn. Always be curious about your customers. Their motivations, the problems they want to solve, and how you can better serve them through what you do.

Include, don't exclude

Having empathy for others builds a more dynamic and equitable environment. We're stronger when we recognise and value our differences, and seek to include, not exclude, through the work we do.
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Emily Butler
content & thought leadership

What do you want to be famous for?

A strong brand means very little without engaging storytelling that reminds your audience why you exist, and how you're making the world a better place. Define content pillars that are bigger than the spaces you occupy today, and create stories people talk about with a seasonal thought leadership and content strategy.
Our stories

“Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity.”

Marty Neumeier

We tell our own stories too.

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