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Oh look, it's another agency saying they're not really an agency.

To be fair though, we're really not. grow & tell is a startup marketing consultancy founded in 2021 by Emily Butler. With 20+ years of experience leading brand and digital marketing for global companies, we help tech startups and businesses of all sizes define who they are, create stories that connect, and drive customers to engage and take action. By connecting the dots of your unique story, we help you think big and grow bigger.


From corporate to startups, and everything in between.

A brand marketer at heart, Emily created grow & tell to help brands realise their full potential. Her love of words and great storytelling runs deep, and she’s most comfortable developing strategic initiatives for clients and putting them to work to deliver real outcomes.

Emily has worked with founders and their teams from early-stage right through to scale-up and beyond. She has extensive leadership experience at global companies including Marie Claire, Sony Music and HarperCollins Publishers, and tech startups Flare and Food52. This background spanning B2C, B2B2C and B2B, across multiple industries and markets, allows her clients to tap into a broad range of contexts.

Emily's story.

Starting her marketing career at Marie Claire Australia back in 2001, Emily learned the power of a strong brand in her formative working years. She saw first-hand the importance of working with strong female role models, and how storytelling can cut through the noise to create meaningful change.

Before going to print each month, the advertising and editorial teams would lay out every page on the floor, in a process affectionately referred to as 'pagination'. Looking back, pagination was the ultimate exercise in building a compelling narrative, a series of stories that come together to create a stunning customer experience. It starts on the cover with headlines designed to pique curiosity, and compel potential readers to turn the page. The editor's letter feels like a personal note from a friend, and the stories and advertisements take the reader on a journey. In particular, Marie Claire inspired and created value with a mix of impactful journalism, fashion and advertising from luxury, mass and emerging brands.

Watching a best-selling magazine come together every month was intoxicating. Fascinated by the community of readers who so passionately engaged with the brand every month, Emily naturally evolved her skillset to include digital marketing, moving on to launch Marie Claire, InStyle and Sony Music Australia into the digital and social media landscape.

Globally minded, local precision.

After building the digital marketing team for Sony Music Australia, Emily moved to New York City in 2011, to lead digital marketing for Sony artists across 44+ global markets. She found herself immersed in many different cultures, developing a deep appreciation for global marketing and coordinated localisation. She discovered what works in one market may fail in another, like why One Direction flourished in Sweden yet couldn't get an official release past the Chinese government.

Building grow & tell.

Back in Australia after seven years abroad, Emily spent two years creating and building fintech brands from the ground up, including Slate Super (now the second-fastest growing super fund in the country). Realising her passion for brand strategy was undeniable, she created grow & tell----and still can't believe she gets to do this every day. And while she focuses on the aspects of marketing she loves the most, Emily's clients can tap into her broader skill set in digital, product marketing and demand generation, providing invaluable expertise that goes well beyond foundational brand strategy.

Extremely outnumbered by boys.

Emily lives with her husband Dave, and two young boys Max and Ollie in Sydney, Australia. She strives to raise her boys to be kind, respectful and curious. The best advice she ever received about becoming a parent was "don't stifle their creativity," and she tries to live this every day. Except for that day they drew all over the walls during lockdown, but thankfully, Magic Eraser is a thing.

Emily and Dave have worked together on a number of projects over the years, most recently at Sydney fintech startup Flare where Dave heads up product management. These experiences taught Emily to think from the perspective of the product and engineering teams, and sharpen her planning and roadmapping skills beyond her wildest expectations. Despite working so closely together they're still happily married, which is frankly a bit surprising, but a relief nonetheless.

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